What We Are About

Our Purpose

To bring people to Jesus Christ. Be developed in Christian maturity y be equipped to minister in the church and their mission in life in this world in order to please and magnify the name of JESUS.

Our Mission

To fulfill the great commission of Christ based on the great commandments, love for God and those around us while we preach the Good News with purpose and action to all who come.

Our Vision

To grow a body of believers through the firm understanding of the Word of God so that the vision and burden of our Lord may penetrate and saturate our city with the Good News while we grow in spiritual health and as a church. To establish, not one, but multiple preaching and evangelism points, by which souls may be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Faith

  • There is one God in heaven and earth. Jesus is that Only True God that was manifest in flesh and paid the price for salvation for all mankind, for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
  • The bible is clearly explicit in the Word of God, The Bible, that if a man or woman is not born again of water and Spirit, they shall not see the kingdom of God.
  • The bible clearly defines the plan of salvation in that every man should have faith in Jesus Christ, repent of their sins, be baptized in the name of Jesus and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.